Monday, October 6, 2014

Jim McCrary Poetry Reading Info

Poet and anti-poet: The duality of Lawrence writer Jim McCrary - Interview


Listen to me while I die or not to me no different
Since all will come before this finds the final rhyme
Or not
This has nothing to do with the on going internet love fest
Called today   what’s left of verse which
It seems has lasted
Longer than mattered that’s for sure
But those before me [the last of the past] were well aware
And noted duly the fact that word died on
The page and off [mostly self-inflected] by the likes
Of you  and who is that/ you know/ the one left standing
And wondering how that came to pass
Which only proves that some/not all/ not all
Will continue the arcane and insidious so called attempt
To whip up public interest [which has never really worked before]
And anyone tells you that the verse ran the world in some mid age
Theatre of lost actors who never were good enough to make it anywhere
But England or rural France well then I have a pair of tights just your size
In the back room and will kindly loan you a copy of the latest Harriet endorsed
Memoir to read out loud at your local Burger Bar just to prove that the truth is that
There is none left and beating anything to death
[imagine all those periods]
Is simply a cowards way out just ask I’ll wait
[as time pisses and words fade the curtain will fall]
Going on to write of lost wishes and found demands
Doesn’t always equal notice or fame that is sometimes in demand
After all is said and said again
Repeating the same thing over until someone notices is what becomes
Stand up in today’s poetry clubs that rampage through an urban maze
[just ask Tills or one of his muttered partners on the links]
Which direction anything new can take
And then subtract 100 years of nonsense including the latest from both coasts
[and the either world]
Of home schooled laureates from states not admitted yet
Or is this all just another way [another attempt]
At backlog/clog/slog
[you were taught that rhyme was awful old – no]
Anyway the end is near (er) than you think it might be
Just around a corner left to this
When begun again then the end comes closer to hearing footsteps
 And when you can hear the feet it’s time to beat
[old tune titles best used as fill to craft]
Closing now as ever then
When we lay away and feel the fur on bellies in bed beside us
Then time come is time come no doubt that
we say get up we mean only in the past scent left
But future fortunes which might just be the only
Reward for any of this  is
Often the only source found
[don’t believe all  you hear…or say]
Sound of course the only way either one or another
Can find a way to say just what it was become
So cute how it works out in lines
Not always the case as some so demand either sound or fury
Count twice coming in and going out either way it is a grand way
To find the lost piece of any lyrical swing along lifes
Grand hiway and that is this for sure
Do not count on any offers of future to cancel
Out the moments lost to present fumbling
Left or right is nice but not necessary for long term
[dropping something just to hear it]
Content uh content
We will see that come from long far away to pass by in a
Micro cloud digging its own grave

This is done

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